Community Solar Prioritization Tool

My Center - the California Center for Sustainable Communities, -- has just recently launched a new tool.

The solar opportunity map is a web tool built to assist community-based organizations to find the best places for community solar or resiliency centers within LA County.


The California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA has developed this tool as an interactive, web-based platform which aids in locating, filtering, and prioritizing sites on publicly-owned properties throughout Los Angeles county that can host rooftop and/or carport canopy solar PV systems. Installing additional distributed solar PV can help improve local energy system resilience, advance community-scale Zero Net Energy goals, and enhance grid reliability.


Community solar enables renters, as well as homeowners who are unable to install solar, to purchase power generated by local PV systems, helping to overcome some of the barriers to under-served communities benefiting from the clean energy transition. Resiliency centers serve community members during grid outages by providing cool (or warm) spaces, charging points for critical electronics, wifi connectivity, and other resources. Our aim is to support community-based organizations and local governments accelerate their planning and implementation efforts to bring community solar and resiliency centers to their constituents.


The map uses cutting-edge data and analytics to show community assets that may be prime locations for installing solar. This capability has not been publicly available to date. The tool focuses on the service territory of the regional investor-owned electric utility in LA County, Southern California Edison. Explore the tool at