Date Title
Aug 17, 2020 Energy-based industrial symbiosis: a literature review
Aug 07, 2020 Death of Vlademir Christiensen
Feb 12, 2020 Scaling the Circular Economy Event 21-22 April in Brussels
Feb 10, 2020 New master plan for old Singaporean Industrial Park to incorporate eco-industrial concepts
Jan 29, 2020 Paper "Fostering Circular Economy through the analysis of existing open access Industrial Symbiosis
Oct 10, 2019 Two Costa Rican Start-ups using by-product exchanges hailed for making the world a more eco-friendly place
Oct 02, 2019 Ramboll investigating carbon capture and utilization based on industrial symbiosis potential
Sep 17, 2019 NISP® Canada Pilot Delivers Industrial Symbiosis Success
Sep 11, 2019 Rene Van Berkel paper Lesson's Learned from the Application of the UNIDO Eco-Industrial Park Toolbox in Vietnam and other countries
Nov 14, 2018 UNIDO evaluates Vietnamese Eco Industrial Park Project and finds good results
Oct 29, 2018 A strategic niche management perspective on transitions to eco-industrial park development: a systematic review of case studies
Oct 24, 2018 Property Magazine International has story on MountPark Eco-Industrial Park in Spain
Oct 22, 2018 Opinion Piece argues that Oneonta NY should redevelop a large rail yard as an Eco-Commercial Park
Oct 17, 2018 Recycling of Photovoltaic waste boosts Circular Economy
Oct 15, 2018 A Roadmap for Increased Uptake of Industrial Symbiosis in Sweden published by Murat Mirata
Oct 04, 2018 Thai Innovation Center to scheduled to implement UNIDO Circular Economy Initiative
Oct 03, 2018 Managing Waste Generation seen as crucial
Sep 17, 2018 NISP Canada Circular Economy-Based Business Opportunities Workshop October 5 New Westminister British Columbia, CA
Jul 18, 2018 Join Us! 2018 Industrial Symbiosis Research Symposium & ISIE Americas (Oct 29-Nov1s
Jan 05, 2018 Wouter Spekkink article on Industrial Symbiosis as a social process is available on research gate
Dec 21, 2017 The 2017 Xiamen Winter Symposium on Industrial Ecology was held at the Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, on December 21-22
Aug 26, 2017 "Heading toward replacement of fish meaL"
Jun 30, 2017 Special JIE Issue on Circular Economy
Jun 22, 2017 OSCEDays 2017
Feb 05, 2017 Special Issue on Diverse Dynamics of Industrial Symbiosis - deadline extended
Feb 01, 2017 Publications - "Industrial Symbiosis, Networking and Innovation: The Potential Role of Innovation Poles"
Feb 01, 2017 The Plant site of a portion of our 2017 ISRS Program
Feb 01, 2017 Circular Economy in Spain
Dec 10, 2016 Publications - The Cuckoo's Nest Approach for Co-Creating Business Eco-Systems in Smart Cities
Nov 11, 2016 A request to the community - Survey on EIP standards and indicators

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