Call for data on climate footprints and costs of mitigation options within the transport sector

Working Group III of the IPCC is launching a call for quantitative data on climate footprints and cost for mitigation options within the transport sector. This call for data specifically focuses on results for land-based passenger and freight transport, as well as maritime transport, to be used for the Sixth Climate Assessment Report (AR6).

The role of working group three of the IPCC is to assess and synthesize the literature on climate change mitigation. In doing this the IPCC collaborates with different branches of the scientific community on making the results of their research available in a structured and accessible form and trough this enabling transparent and rigorous assessments. The IPCC WGIII is now for the first time launching an official call for data from the life cycle assessment and transport research communities to support the sixth assessment cycle. The call provides a unique opportunity to contribute to a common data repository that will help inform the work of the IPCC WGIII. 

On this web page you will find detailed information about the call for data, including background information about the effort, a description of the data we are requesting, information about eligibility for submission, information about the submission process (including a timeline), and the terms of the submission agreement. We also include a letter of support from the co-chairs of WGIII of the IPCC.

We hope you will consider contributing to this effort by submitting data and we ask that you share this information with others you think may be able to contribute. For more information about the call for data, you can visit the submission portal at or e-mail us with your question


Anders Hammer Strømman and Paulina Jaramillo

Lead Authors

Chapter 10 – Transport, WGIII AR6.

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