Our highlight this week: Alemayehu Woldeamanuel

Sustainable Urban Systems



Alemayehu Woldeamanuel is a PhD Student in Environment & Development at Addis Ababa University. Alemayehu is at the early stage of writing a PhD proposal in the area of urban sustainability. He is specifically interested in studying urban metabolism for improving resource efficiency and security in a developing country context.


Alemayehu’s main research interest areas:

  • Human-environment interaction
  • Social-ecological systems
  • Urban sustainability
  • Urban metabolism
  • Scenario development


Alemayehu’s favorite cities and why:

Cities close to a natural setting like a mountain, forest or lake for refreshment.


Alemayehu’s collaboration interests:

Alemayehu is looking for a fellowship, co-supervision or training on urban metabolism. 


How Alemayehu got interested in cities research:

Alemayehu is interested in urban research and sustainability after teaching in the area of urban environment and involving in research projects in the last seven years.