Opportunity to Promote your Research


Hello Student Members,

The Sustainable Urban Systems section would like to issue a call for expressions of interest to ISIE student members for conducting e-Workshops to promote their work. These workshops are intended to provide a platform for you to share a novel method or tool related to your work with an intended audience of fellow students, academics and relevant stakeholders (e.g, policy makers, industrial actors). The workshop should meet the following criteria:

  • be no longer than 90 minutes (these can be much shorter, if suitable)
  • cover a method or tool with relevance to Sustainable Urban Systems
  • incorporate an interactive component (e.g., an exercise, incl a discussion/reflection with participants)

In a paragraph, please explain how your idea fits these criteria. Presenters should note that all sessions are recorded and posted in the ISIE library for public use. SUS will be providing support in hosting and disseminating the webinar. 

Please send all expressions of interest to e.mohareb@reading.ac.uk with "SUS e-Workshop" in the subject, by 30/09/19.