AGM 2019 proposals: voting period extended

Last week the ISIE held its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Tsinghua University. This was the first event of what will become an annual tradition. We were glad to see a turnout of around 75 people, and we covered a variety of topics during a 2-hour (evening!) session. The AGM is part of our endeavor to make the ISIE a more participatory society, and it grants new powers to our membership. Both the board and our members will have to get used to this new structure, but we felt energized by this first AGM. We would like to thank all the members that attended and shared their opinion and ideas with us.

Meeting minutes from the AGM will be made available soon. However, one key outcome of the meeting was that the voting process has been extended, to allow for more thorough review and discussion of the various proposals. Members now have until July 31st (midnight, GMT) to vote on the various proposals that have been put forward. Furthermore, a discussion space is available through our online forum to ask questions and discuss each proposal. We ask all the proponents to monitor the forum (subscribe to the relevant topics!) and to reply to inquiries.

Proposal: Industrial ecology data commons (IEDC)

Proposal: Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Proposal: ISIE Development Board

Proposal: Initiatives to support turning research into action 

Proposal: Reduce Air-Travel Carbon Footprint of ISIE Conferences 

Please note that after debate during the AGM, voting on the housekeeping rules was put on hold. Instead, a task force will elaborate a more finalized version of the housekeeping rules over the coming months, which will then be put up for vote. If you would like to join this task force, or if you would like to contribute your ideas, please get in touch.

Paul Hoekman
Executive Director