Call to vote - AGM 2019

We would like to invite all members to vote on the following matters linked to below. Following each link will provide more information on the items. Please read these carefully before you cast a vote for, against or abstaining from the decision. These will be discussed in more detail during the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Society (AGM) in Beijing. Members attending the AGM will be able to ask additional questions and clarifications on any of these matters before casting their vote.

Voting is available only to members of ISIE and will be possible during the AGM. However, it is also possible to vote remotely any time from now until the AGM starts (7:00pm China Standard Time (GMT+8) on Tuesday 9th July 2019).


Proposal: Industrial ecology data commons (IEDC)

Proposal: Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Proposal: ISIE Development Board

Proposal: Initiatives to support turning research into action 

Proposal: Reduce Air-Travel Carbon Footprint of ISIE Conferences 

Housekeeping Rules