Webinar - Sustainability Through The World's Cities on June 5, 10am EDT

Sustainable Urban Systems

ISIE SUS Webinar Series 

The Sustainable Urban Systems section invite you all to attend our 2019 webinar series, with our first webinar to be presented by Prof. Daniel Hoornweg of Univeristy of Ontario Institute of Technology's Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science. Please register using this form in order to receive login details. 

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Eugene Mohareb (Research Coordinator, SUS Section)


Sustainability Through The World's Cities on June 5, 10am EDT


Much of the world's efforts toward sustainability and sustainable development is assumed by nation-states. The United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Accord - countries dominate the debate. However when taking a systems approach to global sustainability the critical nature of cities (urban agglomerations) quickly emerges. This talk explores how an energy and material flows analysis - from the perspective of cities - can facilitate greater sustainable development and from that global sustainability.

To be presented by Prof. Daniel Hoornweg on June 5th, 10 am EDT

GET TO KNOW OUR PRESENTER: Prof. Daniel Hoornweg

Following almost 20 years with the World Bank, including as Lead Advisor overseeing Sustainable Cities and Climate Change programs, Dan returned to Ontario in 2012. He is now Associate Professor and Richard Marceau Chair at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

Dan's academic background includes degrees in Earth Sciences (University of Waterloo), a Masters in Environmental Engineering (Guelph) and a PhD in Civil (Sustainability) Engineering (University of Toronto, 2015). Dan researches energy and material flows of cities and urban systems. 

Dan is also the Chief Safety and Risk Officer for the Province of Ontario (Technical Standards and Safety Authority, TSSA).