Method development in EEIOA – Special Article Collection in JECS now complete

Environmentally Extended Input Output Section

The Article Collection on “Method development in EEIOA” in the Journal of Economic Structures is now complete. Seven articles have been published in total and can be accessed through this link: 

The seven articles on EEIOA methods cover a wide range of topics, including innovations on data, models, hybrid LCA, scenarios and analysis. All papers in JECS are Open Access and can be downloaded for free. Below is the list of articles in the topical collection:


Analyzing the effects of the choice of model in the context of marginal changes in final demand

Reinout HeijungsArjan de Koning

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Implementing exogenous scenarios in a global MRIO model for the estimation of future environmental footprints

Kirsten Svenja WiebeEivind Lekve Bjelle et al.

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Assessing circularity interventions: a review of EEIOA-based studies

Glenn A. Aguilar-HernandezCarlos Pablo Sigüenza-Sanchez et al.

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Implementing hybrid LCA routines in an input–output virtual laboratory

Man YuThomas Wiedmann

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A modular bottom-up approach for constructing physical input–output tables (PIOTs) based on process engineering models

Liz WachsShweta Singh

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Mixed-unit hybrid life cycle assessment applied to the recycling of construction materials

Soo Huey TehThomas WiedmannStephen Moore

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Does consistency with detailed national data matter for calculating carbon footprints with global multi-regional input–output tables? A comparative analysis for Belgium based on a structural decomposition

Caroline HambÿeBart HertveldtBernhard Michel

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