New Metabolism of Cities website is out! Feedback most welcome.

Dear all,

Some of you might already know about the work we are doing at Metabolism of Cities (an online and open source web platform).

For some years now, we have tried to centralise information (articles, research projects, data, etc.) around urban metabolism. That also lead us to create some additional tools/projects such as the Online Material flow Analysis Tool, an online course on Urban Metabolism, the Global Urban Metabolism Database, etc.

We are now very excited to share with our latest developments. First, our website is experiencing a facelift (see

Most importantly though, we are rolling out our newest tool: Multiplicity, an urban metabolism data visualisation dashboard (see screenshots below). As you can see below, it is now possible to easily add cities in the platform and upload/download/visualise different metabolic datasets. We have developed tutorials for every step and would really be interested in your feedback to improve it and make more useful for the community (for instance for teaching and research purpose).

Many thanks and kind regards,

The Metabolism of Cities team


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