Member Spotlights: David Bristow

Sustainable Urban Systems

David Bristow is an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Victoria where he runs the Cities and Infrastructure Systems Lab ( and where is a member of the Institute for Integrated Energy Systems (IESVic, He teaches on infrastructure resilience and sustainability in civil engineering. His research concerns resilience and sustainability of infrastructure, buildings and cities through advancement and integration of theory and practice. He holds Doctorate and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering (Toronto) and a Bachelor’s in Systems Design Engineering (Waterloo). He is a board member of the Sustainable Urban Systems section of ISIE.

Position: Assistant Professor

Institution: University of Victoria

David’s main research interest areas: 

  • Graph Model for Operational Resilience (GMOR)
  • Intersection of climate change adaptation and mitigation in the built environment
  • Disaster recovery
  • Urban Metabolism
  • Science of sustainable cities

David’s favorite cities:

Walkable cities