Newcastle University- ONE Planet

Newcastle to train next generation of global change scientists

PhD funding at Newcastle University and Northumbria University to train scientists to transform our understanding of planet Earth. 

ONE Planet vision is to provide a training environment that develops and fosters innovative, transformative ways of working. We aim to produce independent research scientists and future leaders. They will design sustainable transdisciplinary responses needed to address intensifying global change.

The ONE Planet Doctoral Training Partnership will draw on the research expertise and specialist facilities of both universities in Newcastle upon Tyne to provide a world-leading training environment tackling grand challenges in climate and environmental sciences.

The universities’ world leading research and expertise in climate change, earth systems and the environment were key to the success of the funding application. Researchers joining the programme will study a diverse range of topics including earthquakes and volcanoes, pollution, weather extremes, sea level change, and frozen environments such as the ice caps and glaciers. The partnership includes more than 40 local and national business, government and industry partners including the Environment Agency, the National Trust, Northumbrian Water Group, and a host of other engineering, environmental and charitable organisations.

So all very exciting indeed.

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