Obituary: Stefan Gossling-Reisemann

We mourn our long time colleague, Stefan Gößling-Reisemann, who has been a Professor at the University of Bremen, a member of the artec Research Center Sustainability in Bremen since 2003, editor for book reviews for the Journal of Industrial Ecology, and a valued part of the industrial ecology community. Stefan died unexpectedly in July 2018.

After studying at the Universities of Düsseldorf, Washington (Seattle, USA) and Hamburg and finishing his PhD thesis at the University of Hamburg, he moved to the University of Bremen as a research assistant. Since that time he has been working as assistant professor in the department of production engineering and artec. He refused a call to the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm so that he could take over the Chair of Resilient Energy Systems funded at the University of Bremen in the Department of Production Engineering and the artec Research Center in 2014. The main focus of Stefan’s research included thermodynamics and resource consumption (e.g., using entropy as a measure for resource consumption) and extending the LCA methodology with regard to resource consumption, critical resources, material flow modelling, as well as resilience and vulnerability of energy systems, regional climate adaptation and climate-friendly and climate-adapted energy production.

With his death, we lose an impressive personality, an excellent researcher and an attentive, attentive and fair colleague.