Member Spotlights: Shoshanna Saxe

Sustainable Urban Systems


My central research question is investigating how the design and provision of infrastructure interact with societal scale goals (particularly around the environment). The goal is to find quantitative methods and tools to better design, build and create policy around our civil infrastructure system.

Position: Assistant Professor

Institution: University of Toronto

Degrees: BEng (McGIll), MSc (MIT), PhD (Cambridge)



Shoshanna’s main research interest areas: 

  • GHG decision support for construction,
  • Urban infrastructure GHG stocks and flows from the bottom up,
  • Sustainability of infrastructure systems in remote communities,
  • Timelines of infrastructure delivery in different cities

Shoshanna’s favorite cities and why:

Toronto, it's home, and were working on it, the streetcars, the beaches, the diversity. Lisbon, for the funiculars.

Shoshanna’s s thought on collaboration:

I'm interested in hearing from anyone interested in civil infrastructure and industrial ecology.

How Shoshanna got interested in cities research and sustainability:

I was always preoccupied with the sustainability impact of decisions (mine and societies), took me a long time to realize that wasn't a universal preoccupation.