Member Spotlights: Tim Baynes

Sustainable Urban Systems

I have broad academic and research experience that I like to think brings some creative thinking on open ended problems of urban sustainability and I particularly like to bring ideas from other disciplines and see how/if they work somewhere else: 'urban metabolism' and 'industrial ecology' are natural academic homes for me.

Position: Senior Research Scientist

Institution: CSIRO

Degrees: PhD in Physics, BSc in Medical Physics.


Tim’s main research interest areas: 

1. Urban metabolism in data poor environments

2. Modelling long-term changes in physical capital stocks and their influence on environmental outcomes

3. Exposure and response of cities to climate change

4. An enduring interest in cities as complex systems. urban morphology and its impacts 

Tim’s favorite cities and why:

Seoul for the food, Copenhagen was wonderful with my family, St Petersburg, Russia for mystery, and Liverpool U.K. for the people ... once you get past the accent

Tim’s s thought on collaboration:

I think that 'liveability' is really a nuanced topic that defies a single metric and I'm starting to look at measures of social outcomes in cities that can be used alongside the economics and the material and energy stocks and flows information.

How Tim got interested in cities research and sustainability:

Since I started work at CSIRO (some years ago) my team has always done national-level material and energy flow analysis and scenarios, and I have always looked at cities as a starting point for asking questions about consumption and production. I came to an ISIE conference and found a small bunch of people doing the same.