Elections for ISIE Student Board - Call for nominations

Dear Students of Industrial Ecology,

This November, four of the seven current ISIE student representatives will end their terms and the ISIE student community will elect five new representatives, bringing the total up to eight. The call for nominations is now open!

Nominate a student now in just seconds! 

This year, the structure of the Student Board is changing slightly in order to increase the diversity of representation. The board will consist of seven At-Large members, and one Diversity & Inclusion Officer (DIO). The DIO will create and continue initiatives to support diversity & inclusion efforts such as discussion groups, advocacy, or webinars. Also, we’ll ensure there’s at least one Board member representing these five world regions: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Europe, and North America (based on the university location). 

All members of ISIE may nominate student members. University advisors and professors - please get your students involved! And if you are a student, you are warmly invited to nominate yourself or other deserving students to serve on the ISIE Student Chapter board of representatives.

To nominate, please fill out the simple form here, . Note that while ISIE membership is not required to nominate or be nominated, the inexpensive ($15) student membership will be required to vote or run for election.

If you would like more information regarding serving on the Student Chapter Board or learn more of the Student Board's activities in general, please visit the dedicated webpage or contact us at

Below is the calendar of the election process:

  1. Nomination Period: 12 Sep 2017 to 25 Sep 2018
  2. Preparation of Personal Statement: 26 Sep 2018 to 6 Oct 2018
    Nominees will be asked to write a personal statement on a prescribed electronic form. This form will be sent to all nominees on 26 Sep 2017. Only by submitting a personal statement will the nominee be considered a contender for elections.
  3. Voting Period: 8 Oct 2018 to 20 Oct 2018
    The personal statements of all contenders will be made public to all students registered as members of the ISIE Student community. Voting will be held by electronic means during this period.
  4. Start of the term: First week of November 2018.

We are looking forward to receiving your nominations! And if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Board of Representatives of the ISIE Student Chapter

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