ISIE Administration: Thank you Judy! Welcome Lizelle.

As part of the reorganization of the society, ISIE administrative services will shift from Judy Crocker to Lizelle Dela Cruz.

I would like to thank Judy Crocker for her many years of dedicated and diligent service. Judy has worked for ISIE since 2014, first supporting Melanie Quiggly and soon replacing her as Program Coordinator. She has worked tirelessly behind the sense to organize events, elections, council meetings, negotiate the Yale administration, and interact with Wiley, answer emails and phones, keep the website up to date, post jobs, and many more tasks that are easily overseen. She has been the bed rock of our organization. We also would like to thank Judy for her excellent support in developing a description of tasks which will help the transition. Judy will continue working at the Yale Center for Industrial Ecology in a part-time position.

A significant portion of the tasks will move to Lizelle Dela Cruz, who was recruited by ISIE Executive Director Paul Hoekman. Lizelle has experience as a virtual administrative assistant. She has undergone some introductory training into the inner workings of the society. From now on, Lizelle will be the primary contact point for members when they have questions. She can be reached at  

I also would like to thank Paul for his leadership in guiding the society through this transition.