Member Spotlights: Mehdi Zahed

Sustainable Urban Systems

I am an architect, Ph.D. student, and educator living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have a great passion for teaching and learning sustainability topics in construction sector. My research area relates to Building Information Modeling as a tool for LCA. I have developed and currently improving some higher education curriculum and courses for Architectural Technologist and Construction Management students at NAIT. I work closely with the industry to find the gaps, see the needs and bring the latest to our education in a meaningful way with the use of Industrial Ecology’s concepts.

Position: Ph.D. Candidate/Researcher at University of Calgary / NAIT

Degrees: M.S. in Architecture


Mehdi’s main research interest areas:

  • Sustainability in Construction
  • BIM-Based LCA
  • Modular Offsite Construction
  • High-performance Building Envelop
  • Higher Education

 Mehdi’s  favorite cities and why:

I am lucky enough to live in different places and experience different cities. I like any walkable city with accessible and efficient public transit.

Mehdi’s thought on collaboration:

Produce Building Model to be used for simulation

How Mehdi got interested in cities research and sustainability:

I have more than 25 years of experience in Architecture and Urban Design in all levels of involvement. This is my professional life and I enjoy it a lot.