Two more articles in EEIO Special Issue in JECS

Environmentally Extended Input Output Section

The Special Topic collection “Method development in EEIOA” in the Journal of Economic Structures continues to grow. Two more articles have been published last month: 

  • Aguilar-Hernandez, G. A., Sigüenza-Sanchez, C. P., Donati, F., Rodrigues, J. F. D. and Tukker, A. (2018) Assessing circularity interventions: a review of EEIOA-based studies. Journal of Economic Structures, 7, 14.
  • Teh, S. H., Wiedmann, T. and Moore, S. (2018) Mixed-unit hybrid life cycle assessment applied to the recycling of construction materials. Journal of Economic Structures, 7, 13.

All articles in the Journal of Economic Structures are open access. Further EEIOA articles will be added to the Special Topic collection soon; please check: