Member Spotlights: Ben Amor

Sustainable Urban Systems

Ben Amor is an associate professor at the department of civil and building engineering at the University of Sherbrooke and an adjunct professor at the department of mechanical engineering at Laval University (Quebec). From Polytechique Montreal (CIRAIG), Ben holds a BSc in Environmental Engineering and Ph.D in Chemical engineering. He had also undertaken a postdoc in life cycle costing at HEC Business School in Montreal (Canada).

He recently become the Building Engineering Undergraduate Program Director and the head of the Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory on Sustainable Engineering and Ecodesign ( ). Recognized for its solid scientific research work and its previous years of applied experience, the LIRIDE research group supports the industry, SME, governments, and organizations in their path towards a truly sustainable development supported by life cycle assessment and industrial ecology. LIRIDE is a research member of 4 industrial research chairs working from ecofriendly materials to more sustainable building, in addition to being a strategic partner with openLCA (one of the most recognized LCA software). Ben's research and teaching activities are focused on sustainable engineering and life cycle assessment (LCA). Ben supervises Master and Ph.D. students currently working on the development of LCA models and their application in different sectors such starting from materials and buildings scale to district and city scale. Ben is also a member of different national and international scientific committees, such as the UNEP/SETAC life cycle initiative.