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Dear Members of the International Society for Industrial Ecology, 

I am writing to tell you about a research opportunity that may be of interest to you or someone you know 

Project Drawdown is a research and communications organization that assesses, maps, models, and describes the potential of the most substantive solutions to achieve drawdown– the point when greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere begin to decline year to year. After three years of research and analysis, we published the New York Times bestseller, Drawdown: The most comprehensive plan ever proposed for reversing global warming. The book was the #1 best-selling environmental book of 2017, and is currently being translated into ten languages. 

In this initial phase, we developed an integrated global systems model with the capability of evaluating any existing technology or practice at global, regional, and local scales. We gathered a diverse group of 65 researchers from 22 countries to identify, analyze, and model the 100 most substantive solutions to address global warming. The resulting research formed the foundation for Drawdown and an upcoming model platform linking over 23 research institutions around the world. 

As the Project Drawdown research continues to expand in scope and depth, we are recruiting more sector experts and data modelers to contribute to the ongoing research. To assist us in these efforts, we are recruiting four additional Senior Fellows, as well as up to twenty Research Fellows.  

We are asking for your assistance in recruiting the right candidates to fill these roles. 

Your guidance in finding the right candidates for the Research and Senior Fellow roles would be extremely helpful. Please feel free to forward the information below to colleagues, graduate students, or others in your network who might be interested and qualified. We are engaged in a more targeted recruitment effort this round. If there are specific individuals who you think might be the right candidates for our fellowshipswe would appreciate your direct recommendations.  

 I am happy to follow-up with an informational overview of our work. Details about the fellowships, including application requirements and deadlines, can be found on the Project Drawdown website 

Thank you for any assistance with this, I look forward to your reply.




Catherine Foster
Research Program Coordinator

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