Scientific meeting on circular economy and waste management. 26 June 2018. University of Coimbra. Portugal

Scientific meeting on circular economy and waste management
26 June 2018

Chair: Fausto Freire (UC)  Co-chair: Lia Vasconcelos (FCT NOVA)
Venue: University of Coimbra (UC), Polo II Campus, Coimbra, Portugal

Preliminary programme

09.00 - 09:30    Registration | Opening
09.30 - 12:00    Panel I
                         Waste Management and Circular economy
                         Paulo Ferrão (FCT-MCTES, IST-UL, Portugal)

                         Systems approaches to the circular economy
                         Roland Clift (University of Surrey, UK)

                         The UrbanWINS project
                         Livia Mazzá (Fondazione Ecosistemi, Italy)

                         Urban metabolism
                         Leonardo Rosado/Divia Encarnacion (Chalmers University, Sweden)

14.00 - 16.00    Panel II

                         Food waste
                         Serenella Sala (JRC-EC)                  

                         Waste management opportunities in an agro-industrial cooperative in Brazil
                         Cassiano Piekarski (UTFPR, Brazil)

                        Project LIFEPAYT - Tool to reduce waste in Southern Europe
                        Célia Dias-Ferreira (CERNAS, Portugal)

                        EU Project SCREEN - Synergic Circular Economy across European Regions
                        Alexandra Rodrigues * (CCDRC, Portugal)

                        Participatory approaches
                        Lia Vasconcelos (FCT NOVA, Portugal)

                        Integrating Urban Metabolism, Material Flow Analysis & Life-Cycle Assessment *

16.00 - 17.00    Open session – flash talks       

17.00               Closing
* to be confirmed

To apply for the event, please fill in the form in until May 14.

Call for Flash-Talks

An “Open Session” for short presentations will be available. To submit a short presentation on a topic relevant for this scientific meeting (10 min), please send a short abstract (150 words) to (Fausto Freire), (Lia Vasconcelos) and (Rita Garcia).

The preliminary program can also be found here (pdf)


The “Scientific meeting on circular economy and waste management: tools and applications” is organized by the Center for Industrial Ecology at the University of Coimbra, together with FCT NOVA, CEIFAcoop and the Municipality of Leiria, in the scope of the EU H2020 funded project “UrbanWINS: Urban metabolism accounts for building waste management innovative networks and strategies”.

Center for Industrial Ecology, University of Coimbra,
Urban WINS project

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