Call for Papers: Special Issue on Industrial Ecology of the journal Ecosystem Health & Sustainability

Sustainable Urban Systems

Dear ISIE members,

Weiqiang Chen of the Chinese Academy of Sciences – Institute for Urban Environment and also editor of the journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling has issued this call, a proposal for a special issue on industrial ecology in the journal EHS (Ecosystem Health and Sustainability). The idea is to highlight how industrial ecology is relevant for ecosystems as well. I am asked to serve as topic guest editor for Material Flow Analysis.  So, where better to go than to the Socio-Economic Metabolism section of the ISIE? The idea is to publish max 3 papers on MFA and how that is relevant for ecosystem health. Papers could address, for example

- linking biogeochemical flows to anthropogenic flows

- relating urban metabolism to urban ecosystem quality

- MFAs that have an environmental part as well as an economic part

- adding an environmental dimension to Material Flow Accounts

- ... or whatever else that fits into the idea of linking MFA to ecosystem health.

If you are interested, please contact me at . I will then forward the call to you.

Best regards

Ester van der Voet, CML, Leiden University.