ISIE Webinar - November 10, 2017 with Adreas Ciroth and Chris Mutel on Open LCA: Tools and Trends

 We are pleased to announce our November ISIE webinar will be on Friday, November 10th from 7:30-8:30 am EST

Andreas Ciroth and Chris Mutel are both leading experts in the field of open source life cycle assessment software, and they will discuss the ongoing development of free and open LCA tools and modelling possibilities. 


Nov 10, 2017, 7:30 – 8:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Registration required.

Andreas Ciroth will introduce the open source framework of OpenLCA (developed by his company GreenDelta), from its start 10 years ago to its current state. In addition he will provide an outlook to “what’s next” in open source environmental assessment tools and reveal the value of open source software in today's field of sustainability work.

 Chris Mutel will examine several different types of open access LCA databases, including their distinct outputs, strengths, and weaknesses. He will also share his experiences in creating the Brightway2 framework, the good and bad decisions he made during its development, and how it offers new possibilities to those who want to break the limits of conventional LCA.

Andreas Ciroth


Andreas Ciroth is the founder and director of GreenDelta, an environmental consulting and software company, and he is leading the open LCA project to advance open-source sustainability assessment software. He is an international expert in social LCA, has global experiences in LCA-related trainings, and is also co-chair of the working group on meta-data descriptors in the Global network of Interoperable databases.

Chris Mutel is a scientist at the Paul Scherrer Institut, and as part of the Technology Assessment group, he works to advance the science of life cycle assessment through new methodologies, meta-analysis, and research on uncertainty and sensitivity. Chris also works for the ecoinvent centre and has written numerous open-source software programs, including the Brightway2 LCA framework.

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