ISIE Conference 2017 - EEIO special sessions!

We would like to suggest a Special Session at the international ISIE conference in Chicago next year. Under the title “Method development (novel development and best practice) in EE-IO” we invite contributions from the field, particularly on bridging to partner methods, uncertainty/reproducibility, and novel developments that help to increase policy uptake of EEIO analysis, i.e. it should be method development for increasing outcomes. We would like to give environmentally and socially extended IOA a more prominent platform and will also invite contributions from members of the IIOA to this Special Section to foster knowledge exchange and collaborations between the two associations. If you would like your presentation to be considered for the special session, please let us know. We hope to be able to be selective in the work to be presented, then will advertise the session more broadly than standard sessions. If you have not submitted an abstract yet, you have not much time! (Deadline 15.12.2016). If you have already submitted, please let us know the title of your abstract, and we will collate presentations.

Contact Richard Wood from NTNU, or Tommy Wiedmann from UNSW (emails on the web to prevent spam!)

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