US DOE EERE Lab Call related to Industrial Ecology

The Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Technologies Office (AMMTO) within the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE) at the  US Department of Energy (DOE) has recently released a "FY 2024 Data, Analysis, and Modeling Tools Lab Call". Several of the topic areas are pertinent to Industrial Ecology research, most notably Topics 4-8:

  • Topic 4: Analysis for Critical Materials Processes and Technologies Benchmarks
  • Topic 5: Impact Analysis of Materials and Manufacturing Innovation on Environmental Justice
  • Topic 6: Tools for Data Curation of Open Life Cycle Assessment Databases
  • Topic 7: Analysis of Material Flows for the Circular Economy
  • Topic 8: Framework for MAterial Reuse Clearing House (MARCH) for Recycled Material Feedstocks

The full application is due June 11, 2024.  Only US DOE National Labs are eligible to be primary applicants; according to section 1.B.i of the full call, "Labs partnering with industry, academia or other non-lab entities to perform work under this Lab call must enter into CRADAs with those partners within time parameters set forth by the funding program."  Therefore, consider contacting a relevant national lab. The full call provides details on the requested work, eligibility, and more.