Watch Now: 2023 ISIE Awards Colloquium Online!

We are happy to announce that the video from the 2023 ISIE Awards Colloquium is now available on our ISIE YouTube channel!

The 2023 ISIE Society Prize was awarded to Ester van der Voet of Leiden University for her outstanding contributions to the field of industrial ecology. She joins Gjalt Huppes as the second recipient from Leiden University, following his receipt of the prize in 2011.

Christoph Helbig of the University of Bayreuth received the 2023 Laudise Medal, recognizing significant achievements in industrial ecology by an early career researcher.

The colloquium was moderated by Stefanie Hellweg of ETH Zurich, the current chair of the ISIE's Awards Committee.

If you missed the inspiring presentations by Ester van der Voet "The Laws of Nature are Fundamental in Society as Well: We'll Ignore Them at Our Peril" and Christoph Helbig "Material Flows in the Economy Beyond Circularity and Criticality", watch the video here: and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

We hope you enjoy watching!