Seeking ISIE Blog Editor

Seeking volunteers - Blog editor

With its new blog site, the International Society for Industrial Ecology seeks to promote discussions about important research topics and their implications for society, industry and policy makers. Blogs may discuss or promote specific research, but should not be advertisements. The blog will be registered with Altmetric. While all ISIE members are welcome to submit blog proposals, it will be the role of the blog editor to ensure that the published blogs are of high quality and follow the intentions of the society. The blog editor will also invite members to contribute posts, so that the blog becomes a timely and lively discussion space.

The blog editor needs to possess the language and communications skills required to provide the necessary editing, a dedication to communicating science, and the overview of and commitment to the field of industrial ecology. Young members are encouraged to apply.

Applications consisting of a cover letter, a CV, and a previously or newly written blog entry, are to be sent to by 30 November 2017

Duration of appointment: January 2018-December 2019
Alternative duration: January 2018-December 2018