Meet the ISIE sections!

We're thrilled to share insightful interview videos featuring our ISIE section leaders. The interviews were conducted during the 11th International Conference on Industrial Ecology (ISIE2023) in Leiden, held from July 2 to July 5, 2023.

Meet the Interviewees:

  1. Sustainable Urban Section - Joe Bozeman
  2. Industrial Symbiosis and Eco-Industrial Development Section - Graham Aid
  3. Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment Section - Peter Berill
  4. Sustainable Circular Economy Section - Dominik Wiederhofer and Magnus Fröhling
  5. Environmentally Extended Input Output Section - Kaihui Song
  6. Student Section - Kamila Krych
  7. Island Industrial Section - Simron Singh
  8. Socio-Economic Metabolism Section - Stefan Pauliuk

Insightful Answers to:

  1. What does your ISIE section work on? Learn about the specific focus and projects of each section.
  2. How do you collaborate with other ISIE sections? Discover how the sections join forces for a stronger ISIE community.

Explore the important projects and teamwork that help the ISIE community move ahead.

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