Feedback and input solicited: Collection of good practice examples for traceability and reproducibility industrial ecology research

Socio-Economic Metabolism

Dear colleagues,

Numerous groups across the world are working on their research workflow to improve the traceability of assessments and the reproducibility of results. This includes documentation, archiving, and tracing of data sources, data processing, the different assessment or model calculation steps, and the indicator calculation.

In the Socio-economic Metabolism Section, we have started to collect a set of Good Practice Examples for Complete Traceability of Workflows and Reproducibility of Results in Industrial Ecology Research, with the aim to show what is currently happening in our community, to inspire others to improve traceability and reproducibility, and to move the development forward.

We plan to publish this compilation, framed by a set of guidelines, in the fall. The current collection has lots of mature content already but is far from finished.

We invite all members to give feedback and even provide own examples, so that we can have a broad collection of good practice examples and robust recommendations to share later!

The current document can be downloaded here:


Please send your feedback and proposal for additional material via email to, by July 31st!


We will then review and compile all additional material, with the aim of having the final version ready in September.


Also, we will present the current status during the SEM section meeting at the Leiden conference on Sunday, July 2nd, between 6 and 7.30 pm.


Looking forward to your input!


Best regards,


Stefan Pauliuk

Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources

University of Freiburg, Germany