ISIE SUS Section Activities - Leiden

Sustainable Urban Systems


We are excited to see you in Leiden.  Your SUS leadership team has been planning activities!  Please join us.

  1. Sunday, 2 July at 6:00 PM - Section Meeting
    • Please join us as we discuss current and future activities.  We would love to hear from you!
  2. Poster session competition
    • Be on the lookout for information!  
  3. Tuesday, 4 July 13.45 - Excursion - Guided City Walk
    The tour takes you along Leiden's most important buildings and beautiful places. You walk along the glittering canals with their grand canal houses and beautiful bridges. You will hear about the rich history of the University. You visit a picturesque courtyard formerly used by the elderly, you will see the 900-year-old church of the patron saint of the city, hear about Rembrandt's youth in Leiden and so much more. Come and join the tour!

    There are two timeslots for this tour. The tour will start at the KOG building, make sure you will be there 10 minutes before the time of your tour. *Book the 13.45-15.15 pm 
    Would you like to join the excursions? Please be sure to book your ticket before 24 May 2023.   

Please feel free to email any questions/suggestions to

thank you!

SUS Leadership Team