Votes are needed on ISIE Member Proposals

Three member proposals were presented at the International Society for Industrial Ecology’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 20th of April 2023. The Society’s housekeeping rules indicate that we need 10% of the membership (around 80 members) to vote on a proposal for it to be approved. As we have not yet reached that threshold, your vote is important. We ask ISIE members who have not yet voted to please take a few minutes to vote on these proposals.


The proposals are:


  1. A) A platform for sustainability literacy and research dissemination (Max Koslowski)
    See the document and voting options here:


  1. B) Industrial Ecology methods crash course (Shiva Zargar)
    See the document and voting options here:


  1. C) Islands at Risk: showcasing and teaching “Island Industrial Ecology” (Dominik Noll, on behalf of the Islands Section)

See the document and voting options here: 


Your vote is also requested on two additional items


We would appreciate it if you would also vote on the Acceptance and Approval of Past-Year Reporting and Forward Budget ( and the Minutes from the Previous AGM (


Voting is open until the 3rd of May 2023! Please be sure to cast your vote before voting closes.