TianGong Chat released for the field of industrial ecology

We are introducing TianGong Chat (chat.tiangong.world). It studied a large amount of literature in industrial ecology and then can answer your questions related to industrial ecology. It is like a ChatGPT but an expert in industrial ecology.

For example, comparing to ChatGPT, TianGong GPT knows the context of industrial ecology:

TianGong GPT is more specific and provides real references:

In theory, we can cover literature of any field in TianGong Chat. At this point, we only cover a portion of the industrial ecology literature and will continue to expand the cover in industrial ecology. If resources permit, we will expand to other fields of the environment and sustainability.

TianGong Chat is developed by the Environmental Data Science and Systems Engineering Group at Tsinghua University (mingxu.tiangong.world). Please share with us any comments or suggestions via gpt@tiangong.world.