Advertisement for elective track “Sustainability Assessment and Transformation” (M.Sc. level) at the University of Freiburg, Germany.

Socio-Economic Metabolism

Dear students, dear colleagues, dear programme coordinators,

please check out our master level elective track “Sustainability Assessment and Transformation”. The track is part of the M.Sc. Environmental Sciences at the University of Freiburg, Germany. The M.Sc. is a full time, two years master program (120 ECTS). It starts each year in the fall semester.

The track offers world-class training in systems thinking, critical thinking, and analytical thinking.

It focusses on analytical socio-ecological systems thinking and the competences for the related methods and models, including legal analysis, policy analysis, the industria ecology tools material and energy flow analysis, cost benefit analysis, life cycle assessment (LCA), input-output analysis, and the analysis of multi-level perspectives.

The track will equip you with the skills to become sustainability leaders in your chosen specialisation. It will provide you with a broad understanding of the environmental, material, energy, economic, and regulatory basis of sustainable development as well as expert knowledge in the methods listed above and professional skills to assess sustainable development strategies for organizations, communities, and societies. Several courses involve modelling and programming in Python.

The place of study is Freiburg, Germany, a city that is internationally known for its sustainable development approaches. The city is home to about 30000 students and offers a broad range of student, cultural, and outdoor activities.

The University of Freiburg, as one of the strongest German universities, offers the full range of academic disciplines. The University believes the combination of excellent discipline-specific knowledge and interdisciplinary thinking to be at the heart of cooperative endeavours in research, in learning, in societal discourse. With its new profile line ‘Pathways to Sustainability’, the university is firmly committed to creating a vibrant, international, and diverse community on sustainability research and teaching, and our new elective track is part of this profile.

For more information, please have a look at our website:

The application deadline for the coming fall semester is May 15. See the link above for details.

We would be grateful if you could forward this information to the students of the relevant bachelor programmes such as those in sustainability, environmental sciences, geo-ecology, industrial engineering, or economics.

We believe that exchange of students across the world is needed more than ever to help build a sustainable future for all.

In return, we are happy to forward any information that you may have and announce relevant master programmes to the bachelor students in environmental natural sciences here at our faculty.


With best regards,

Stefan Pauliuk, professor for industrial ecology, elective track coordinator

Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources

University of Freiburg, Germany


Also on behalf of my professor colleagues

Stefan Baumgärtner, environmental economics

Cathrin Zengerling, environmental law and transition to sustainable energy systems

Dierk Bauknecht, sustainability and transformation research

Heiner Schanz, environmental governance

Andreas Christen, environmental meteorology, academic director of the M.Sc. environmental sciences