Sustainable Island Futures, May 10, 2023 - Call for abstracts

Island Industrial Ecology

A Symposium co-hosted by SISSTEM at the University of Aruba, the Islands section of the International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE), & the Metabolism of Islands (MoI).

Small island states are characterized by a strong dependency on external resources to meet their basic needs which highly contributes to the vulnerability of these territories. The approaches to increase resource security and self-reliance in small island states need to be carefully redesigned considering context-specific challenges and opportunities. At the same time, in order to achieve sustainability and build system resilience, holistic approaches need to be favored over narrow agendas. Several research collaborations are ongoing to address these challenges, such as the Sustainable Island Solutions through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (SISSTEM) program at the University of Aruba, and the Metabolism of Islands (MoI) research program. These bring together researchers from a dozen universities that are concerned about sustainable futures for small islands throughout the world. This multidisciplinary symposium aims to bring together emerging scholars to exchange ideas and approaches for a sustainability transformation in small island states and to foster interdisciplinary and interinstitutional collaboration.

We invite graduate students, Ph.D. candidates, and post-doctoral researchers to submit abstracts for this online event. Proposals can center on research design, contextualization of methodologies, theoretical frameworks or research outcomes on resource circularity, island metabolism, industrial ecology, socio-metabolic research, islandness or on threats and opportunities that hinder or further sustainable development  and resilience of small island states.

Abstract submission deadline: April 7, 2023
Confirmation of acceptance: April 17, 2023
Symposium date: Wednesday, May 10, 2023

6:00   -   9:00    PST
9:00   - 12:00    EST
9:00   - 12:00    AST
14:00 - 17:00    UTC
15:00 - 18:00    CET

The acceptable length of an abstract is maximum 250 words, excluding title and author's details. Each presentation will be 20 minutes, followed by a 10-minute period for questions and discussion. Please submit your proposal at or via this form:

Attendance to the symposium will be free and is limited to participants with academic or institutional affiliations that is related to small island studies. You can register and submit your proposals for the symposium at or via this form:

Organizing Committee: Nigel John, Eric Mijts & Simron Singh