2023 ISIE Election Results

The ISIE Nominating Committee has announced the results of the 2023 ISIE Election. 218 members voted. The following people have been chosen by the membership as their representatives for various positions in the Society.

President-elect: Arnold Tukker


Board Member: Shoshanna Saxe

Board Member: Jonathan Cullen


Nominating Committee: Dominik Wiedenhofer

Nominating Committee: Reid Lifset


The Committee congratulates the successful candidates and thanks all memebers who voted and who participated in any way! Particular thanks goes to all the members who stood for election and devoted their time to preparing candidate materials.


ISIE Nominating Committee

Shweta Singh

Rupert Myers

Tamar Makov

Stefano Cucurachi

Tong Xin

Xiao Li

Heinz Schandl