5th anniversary of the industrial ecology open online course (IEooc)

Socio-Economic Metabolism

Dear colleagues,

The Industrial Ecology Open Online Course (IEooc) is a collection of online material that documents and explains the core industrial ecology concepts, methods, data, and applications. It serves as guide to new industrial ecology researchers by enabling them to conduct state-of-the-art science for sustainability.

The course was developed for university students at all levels. It features lectures (screencasts and webinars of 15-60 minutes), exercises with sample solutions, code samples or notebooks, and reading material (papers, essays, reports, blog entries). There are now almost 50 exercises and tutorials, and these form the core of this course. All material is freely available for educational use.

5 years ago, I started publishing the first material, and would like to celebrate this anniversary with a new exercise and tutorial on the hypothetical extraction method, which is used in IO analysis to identify the contribution of individual sectors to environmental footprints. (See IEooc_Methods5_Exercise3, features a nice application of projection matrices!)

The course can be found here: https://www.industrialecology.uni-freiburg.de/teaching.aspx/

Have fun with all your studies and teaching!

Best regards,
Stefan Pauliuk

Professor for Industrial Ecology

University of Freiburg, Germany