Announcing the newly elected LCSA Section Board

Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment

The LCSA Section held an election during December 2022 to vote its new Board. According to the results and after consultation with each nominee, the new Board is composed of:



David Font Vivanco (Eco Intelligent Growth, S.L.)
Oludunsin Arodudu (State University of New York, College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry)


Andrea Hicks (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Peter Berrill (Technische Universität Berlin)
Paul Wolfram (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)


David and Oludunsin served previously as Board members of the LCSA section, and the new Board members are warmly welcome. The new Board combines expertise in relevant areas of LCSA and displays a rich geographical, professional, and gender diversity. Board members are elected for a term of three years. Stay tuned for updates of the LCSA Section Board's activities!