A Second Industrial Ecology Conference in the Summer of 2023

Fellow ISIE Members,

A number of ISIE members have been invited to join the organizing committee for an industrial ecology conference scheduled to be held in September 2023. The title for the conference is International Industrial Ecology Conference 2023. We believe that this title is potentially confusing and we want to make it clear that this conference is not in any way connected to the ISIE. We want to reinforce our earlier announcement that the ISIE’s conference next summer will be held in Leiden in early July.

It is our hope that ISIE members interested in participating in the organization of a conference will participate in the organization of the ISIE’s Leiden conference next July (2023). And, naturally, we also hope that industrial ecologists who are only able to attend one conference in the summer of 2023 will attend the ISIE’s Leiden conference. We expect it to be a great conference!

Please keep your eyes out for more information on the Leiden conference to be released in the coming months. We hope to see as many of you as possible in Leiden, The Netherlands in July 2023!

One last note: Aside from the International Industrial Ecology Conference 2023, there are also other conferences using similar names. Please be cautious when you receive any invitation and feel free to check the ISIE website or with the Executive Team if you have any doubt about whether the conference is connected to the ISIE.

The ISIE Executive Team