Update of the Industrial Ecology Open Online Course (IEooc)

Socio-Economic Metabolism

The Industrial Ecology Open Online Course (IEooc), available under http://www.teaching.industrialecology.uni-freiburg.de/ has now more than 45 exercises and tutorials.

Newly added:

Exercise on the energy service cascade and stock-flow-service nexus (IEooc_Background1_Exercise1)

Global Warming Potential (GWP) calculations from the IPCC (IEooc_Background2_Exercise2)
Exercise and workbook on timing of emissions in life cycle inventories: dynamic characterization factors for greenhouse gases (IEooc_Methods4_Exercise11)
Exercise on the concept of payback time in life cycle thinking and on how to take into account the timing of emissions and sequestration of carbon in the calculation of the global warming potential (IEooc_Application4_Exercise6)