Call to join the new ISIE Career Committee

ISIE members are at various stages of their careers, from students deciding what paths to pursue to tenured professors and industry professionals.  The new ISIE Career Committee was proposed by Reed Miller & Aishwarya Iyer during the 2022 Annual General Meeting and approved by vote of the ISIE membership. 

The initial aims of the Career Committee are to support members in key ways:

·       Awareness of jobs in industrial ecology. We will work with web designers to improve the functionality and user experience of the Job Board

·       Professional development. We could host events or share resources related to professional development in Industrial Ecology.

·       Mentorship. We will facilitate mentorship between ISIE members, so that our members located around the world can be in touch with one another and supported as they make career decisions.

Committee membership:

At this time, we are seeking members interested in any of the proposed topics.  We expect to have monthly meetings on Zoom, varied to accommodate time zones.  A one-year term on the committee is requested.

If you are interested, please send a short email to Reed Miller,, briefly describing your current role, your interest in the committee, and your time zone.