July 21st Session 12: Scenarios for low material demand and material caps - Modelling approaches and policy relevance

Socio-Economic Metabolism

Join us for the 12th session of the ISIE Online Perpetual Conference!

"Scenarios for low material demand and material caps - Modelling approaches and policy relevance"

Economic growth, urbanisation and the transition to renewable energies drive material consumption. Due to the huge environmental impact, geopolitical and actual resource scarcity, and increasing resistance against high-impact mining projects, material supply emerges as a major bottleneck to sustainable development. A growing research stream thus deals with questions of achieving high human wellbeing with lower levels of material consumption. Here, we showcase part of the substantial industrial ecology research on the topic of sustainable material futures and invite for a discussion on the policy relevance of our findings and future research directions within our community and beyond.


July 21st, 8-9:30 UTC // 10-11:30 CEST // 16-17:30 CST // 17-18:30 JST.


The meeting will be on Zoom with this link:


Meeting-ID: 640 7070 6932

password: kxG9uGpCQ

The presentations will be made available on the ISIE’s Youtube channel after the session. There will be no live streaming via Youtube.


*** Recording starts *** (for ISIE Youtube channel)

Minute 0-5: Welcome by SEM section chair Hiroki Tanikawa

min 5-20: Presentation by Takuma Watari, "Bulk material cycles at national level in a zero-emission future"

min 20-25: Short discussion

min 25-40: Presentation by Stefan Pauliuk: "Low Energy and Material demand scenarios for the global building stock"

min 40-45: Short discussion

min 45-60: Presentation by Christoph Helbig, "Losses and lifetimes of metals in the economy"

*** Recording ends ***

min 60-85: General discussion

min 85-90: Wrap-up and closure