Call for ISIE-SEM 2024 conference hosts

Socio-Economic Metabolism

Dear colleagues,


The board of the Socio-Economic Metabolism section of the International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE-SEM) is calling for expressions of interest to host the ISIE-SEM 2024 conference. This conference series is the most important one in our field. It is a platform where the members of our community reconnect and interact with practitioners, consultants, and decision makers. Its typical attendance is between 150 and 200 researchers, with more than 100 presentations covering topics such as circular economy, urban metabolism, and the interlinkages between natural resource use and climate change.

If you would like to take the opportunity to welcome the SEM research community in your city, please send your proposal, briefly elaborating on the following points:

  • Institution(s) hosting the conference

  • Conference chair(s)

  • Preferred month of the event

As this years’ ISIE-SEM conference will take place in Vienna/Austria, we are especially inviting suggestions from the Asia-Pacific region, in order to ensure geographical variation.

Incoming proposals will be presented and discussed at the SEM section meeting, which will be held in the course of the upcoming Vienna conference (19-21 September, 2022).

Please send your proposal by e-mail to the SEM section board ( until 31 August, 2022.


We are looking forward to receiving your proposal to host the ISIE-SEM 2024 conference!


The ISIE-SEM section board

Hiroki Tanikawa, Stefan Pauliuk, Gang Liu, Kazuyo Matsubae, Helen Ann Hamilton, Peter-Paul Pichler, Stefan Giljum and Tomer Fishman