Webinar: Implementing circularity in livestock based Food Systems in tropical islands.

Island Industrial Ecology

On 7-8 March 2022, a webinar organized by CIRAD, Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Green House Gases, and Wageningen University, will propose and discuss methodology on investigating biomass, nutrient and energy flows for Reunion and Madagascar. Tropical Islands are generally isolated territories, where limitation of resources and land is more evident. They are often dependent on imports for a large part of their needs and produce only a few key resources for exportation. Tropical islands are highly vulnerable to climate change and
it is essential to reduce the environmental impact of their food systems (FS). The increasing circularity of FS around livestock production seems a promising way to reduce their carbon footprint. We propose a methodology to identify livestock-based scenarios to increase the circularity of food systems and, if possible, to implement them in the territory with local stakeholders. This methodology is built around the analysis of island metabolism and more precisely the analysis of biomass, nutrient, and energy flows. With this approach, it is possible to determine hotspots where waste and losses are important, and where circularity can be constructed. We propose a methodology in 3 levels of accuracy and investment. This methodology was applied on two islands with similar pedo-climatic conditions located in the Indian Ocean. Madagascar has a FS mostly based on subsistence farming with low-input systems and informal agricultural sectors. While Reunion has a FS based on high input systems and structured livestock sectors. The objective of this webinar is to discuss the proposed methodology, its operationality, and its transposability to other tropical islands. This project is funded by the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases.

The event will take place on 7-8 March, and considers participants from different time zones. Please register here and check your preferred time slot: https://framaforms.org/webinar-implementing-circularity-in-livestock-based-food-systems-in-tropical-islands-1644403585