Call for Applications: Video Production Team for the Industrial Ecology Introductory Lecture Series

The International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE) calls for applications for a video production team to help with the development of the Industrial Ecology Introductory Lecture Series.


The Industrial Ecology Introductory Lecture Series aims to produce a series of introductory videos that cover a variety of different methods and topics, primarily based on ISIE's sections and the grand environmental challenges identified as part of the ISIE's priorities. The primary goal of this lecture series is to make industrial ecology (IE) topics more accessible to a non-industrial ecologist audience. The series serves as an introduction to entice the viewer into the field of IE - be it to learn more about the specifics for the benefit of their job, their academic work, or simply their general interest. The series also serves as an introduction for existing industrial ecologists into topics and methods that might be out of their current field of study/expertise. Secondary goals are to help position the ISIE as a figure of authority in the eyes of the audience by releasing this "official introduction series" and to start providing educational material to its own members - something that is regularly requested, especially from new, younger members. The target audience of this series is defined primarily as the general public that has somehow heard of any of the IE topics covered, but doesn't have any clear idea what that is; and students/academics with an interest but not yet any solid understanding of the IE topics covered. All videos will be licensed under a permissive creative commons license (Attribution 4.0 International - CC BY 4.0) which encourages free reuse of the material.

Each lecture is expected to have a duration ranging from 30-45 minutes. It will likely be best to cut up the lecture in three separate 10-15 minute videos. The videos should strive to introduce the foundations, the basics, of the topic covered to a lay audience. This lecture can be seen as the first one in a longer series of videos, or an introduction to a topic that the viewer might delve into on their own later on. The video should be made so that it can be viewed on its own, and understood by an audience with no industrial ecology-specific knowledge. It should be something that can be played to a Masters class on a different but somewhat related topic, with the goal of giving the students a glimpse of the topic and enticing them to learn more. 

Lectures will be recorded by seasoned academics who have given similar in-person lectures before. Recruitment of speakers and liaising with the lecturers will be done in collaboration with ISIE sections and other groups.

To help produce the Industrial Ecology Introductory Lecture Series, we call for applications from the ISIE membership to form a small team of producers with video editing experience.


The primary responsibilities of the video production team are to produce the lecture videos based on the raw lecture contents recorded by lecturers (recruited separately by ISIE) on various industrial ecology topics. The video team is responsible for guiding the introductory series project, and ensuring that the series will be coherent, well-made, and attractive. Tasks include:

  • Developing an overall strategy around the video series in terms of content, form, and style to ensure a coherent experience for the viewer;
  • Providing instructions to lecturers on video recording;
  • Developing an intro and outro for the video series;
  • Adding provided subtitles to the videos;
  • Editing the videos as necessary;
  • Uploading the produced videos to Youtube and creating a playlist for the series.

We do not expect professional-grade video quality, but we do expect that the series feels well-made by the audience. 

Time frame and workload

We aim for work to start in April 2022 and to end in December 2022. This is a part time assignment that can be done by a well-versed individual, or a small team of 2-3 people. We would like to encourage ISIE student members and young professionals that have time for such an assignment to apply.

The total workload is expected to be between 200-300 hours during the stated time frame. Compensation will be provided based on the total number of hours worked. 


To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter highlighting your motivation and video editing experience to by March 1, 2022 - subject: "Industrial Ecology Introductory Lecture Series". Include at least three videos you have edited/created. In the cover letter, include your expected hourly rate. For group applications please include individual resumes but a single cover letter, and indicate the role of each group member.

Preference will be given to video production teams composed of ISIE members.