Our highlight this week: Masoumeh Khalkhali

Sustainable Urban Systems


Masoumeh Khalkhali is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Southern California. Her current  research focuses on the multi-objective spatial optimization of decentralized water system adoption. Masoumeh’s overarching research goal is to advance our understanding of the integrated water and energy systems with a holistic systems approach, and guide decision making for sustainable and resilient urban water services via modeling tool development and science-policy integration.


Masoumeh’s main research/work interest areas:

  • Water and energy systems interaction
  • Sustainability and resiliency of interdependent critical infrastructure
  • Spatial analysis of decentralized water and energy systems
  • Climate change impact investigation on water and energy systems

Masoumeh’s favorite cities and why:

Masoumeh loves Tehran and the towns that she has lived so far due to the memories that she has there. Also, she thinks that interest in cities can come from our knowledge and understanding about them. She has worked on water systems of different cities and towns in Iran as well as the water system of the city of Boston. She is so amazed how cultural, social, technical, natural, etc. elements work together and shape a city with all of its positive and negative aspects.

Masoumeh’s collaboration interests:

Masoumeh is looking for a post doc opportunity while she is preparing for an academic job.