Final version of 2020 Annual Report and new tagline added to ISIE Webpage

Dear members,

we are pleased to announce the release of the final version of the 2020 annual report of the ISIE. This report summarizes our society’s activities during the year of 2020. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the annual report and to the activities described therein. Enjoy reading the report and please share it widely!

I also take this occasion to update you on the latest developments concerning our discussion about adding a tagline to our Webpage. The membership survey showed a clear majority for including a tagline, and most votes were in favour of: International Society for Industrial Ecology – “Science for sustainability and circular economy”. This tagline will be added to our Website within the next 24 hours. We thank the members of the Circular Economy Committee for their very good suggestions concerning tagline and other contents of our Webpage, which lead to many improvements. A big thank you goes also to the many members who took part in the discussions – be it on the AGM, the IE-Day or on the Web Forum ( and in the survey. We were extremely happy to see that more than 100 members took part, and this is so far the highest participation we have seen in an online membership survey.

While the outcome of the survey was clear, the forum discussion shows that controversy remains. Keeping this discussion alive is important. The Circular Economy Committee and also other members suggested to review and update the tagline periodically. In fact, on the forum already new suggestions for taglines have been made. We will make sure that the tagline will be kept up to date.

Best regards, Stefanie Hellweg (ISIE president)