ISIE introduces online Happy Hours

Being inspired by the succesful implementation of virtual happy hours shared with our colleagues at the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment, and last year's experience at the AScUS unconference, the ISIE is glad to announce the roll-out of "ISIE Happy Hours". Happy hours are informal, online get-togethers. In the days of restricted travel and limited in-person contact, the ISIE aims to offer its members a way to keep in touch and strengthen personal relationships despite these restrictions.

Happy hours take place in online meeting rooms which can hold up to 7 people at the same time. All ISIE members and sections can create a room and invite others to join them. Room hosts can set a theme in order to attract people with similar interests. These themes might be industrial ecology related (e.g. LCA, urban metabolism), but they can also be about any other topic of interest to the host (e.g. bee-keeping, nature photography, child-rearing while studying).

Due to the global spread of our membership, happy hours take place on a specific date but might be spread out over the day, depending on the location and time preferences of the host and attendees. Room hosts can decide on the start time. Individual happy hour sessions run for one hour. Hosts are not expected to structure the session in any way and attendees should feel free to hang out and participate as they see fit. Participants are welcome to move around between rooms, subject to the room capacity.

The first Happy Hour event will take place on Thursday, May 27. We invite all sections and individual members to set up a happy hour room covering the topic of their interest.

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