April 28th: 8th Session of ISIE-SEM Perpetual Conference: Socio-economic Metabolism and Oceans

Socio-Economic Metabolism

Dear SEM-Section members,

 We are happy to announce the 8th session of the ISIE Socioeconomic Metabolism Section perpetual online conference: “Socio-economic Metabolism and the Oceans

 Societies depend on the oceans to fulfill many human needs, including the need for food, feed, cultural services, jobs, transportation, etc. With the anticipated growth in population, our dependence on the ocean will only increase. However, our current mode of using ocean resources and services has been unsustainable. Plastic pollution, overfishing, biodiversity destruction and climate change all challenge the future of our oceans and, thus, our ability to source key goods and services. In this session, we will discuss how SEM or related research can be used to help improve the efficiency for which we use our ocean resources and reduce our impact on the oceans.

Date and time: April 28th, 2021, 10:00-12:00 CET (show in your timezone) Zoom and Youtube streaming

Zoom meeting: https://idc-il.zoom.us/j/85719640919

Youtube streaming: https://youtu.be/G6AQXix1Cdc 


Introduction by SEM chair/organizer

  • 15 minute presentations with 5 minute discussion
    • Prof. Tamar Makov and A. Prof. Alon Shepon, BGU and Tel Aviv University: Sustainable optimization of global aquatic omega-3
    • Prof. Julia Blanchard, University of Tasmania: Exploring connections between food production systems across land and sea
    • Prof. Paritosh Deshpande, NTNU: MFA for tracking ocean plastics from fisheries waste
    • Kristine M. Berg, Circular Economy Advisor, Tomra: Plastics recycling and Oceans: Real-world solutions for enabling a circular economy and studying the impacts first-hand through all-women sailing trips
  • 30 minute general discussion

We’d love to receive your comments and answer any questions you may have – metabolism@is4ie.org

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The SEM section board

Hiroki Tanikawa, Stefan Pauliuk, Gang Liu, Kazuyo Matsubae, Helen Ann Hamilton, Peter-Paul Pichler, Stefan Giljum and Tomer Fishman