Travel Grant available for US-based researchers to attend icRS 2021 virtual conference

In an effort to increase the participation of for US-based researchers in the 2021 International Conference on Resource Sustainability (icRS 2021) conference (, the US National Science Foundation (NSF) will provide a number of travel assistantships up to $450 (€350) for each awardee for registration fee (the conference will be held virtually).


Applicants must be US-based. Priority will be given to students, postdoctoral researchers, or untenured faculty members. The awardees will be selected from the pool of eligible applicants in such a way that the diversity of the participants is ensured.


To apply, please submit the following documents to by 04/30/2021 (also the deadline for submitting abstracts to icRS 2021 at

  • A CV including publications no more than 2 pages, clearly indicating the eligibility of the applicant (US-based institution and career stage), and
  • Presentation information at icRS 2021
    • Title and abstract ID if your presentation has already been submitted
    • Title, author information, and abstract if you plant to submit before 04/30/2021

Award Notification and Reimbursement

Applicants will be notified by May 31, 2021 with instructions on reimbursement if an award is made.

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05 Mar 2021

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